RBP COMPASS SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION AGENCY is a duly registered single proprietorship, owned and managed by Mr. Regino B. Pangilinan who is a Registered Criminologist, Certified Security Professional Certified Security Trainer and Certified Security Management Specialist.

Mr. Pangilinan graduated from Angeles University Foundation (AUF) in April 1993, at Angeles City, Pampanga and passed the Criminology Licensure Examination given by Professional Regulatory Commission in October 1994. Immediately after passing the board exam he was offered to work with Security and Safety Corporation of the Philippines (SSCP) located in Quezon City as an Operations Officer.

With his hardwork and dedicated service with the company he was tasked to manage the SSCP Pampanga branch office in San Fernando, Pampanga in 1997. He supervised and monitored guards deployed within various areas of Central Luzon, Ilocos & Cordillera Regions and as far as Aparri, Cagayan.

In February 2013, after almost twenty (20) years of extensive and broad experience in the field of security, he decided to put up his own security agency and the rest is history. The acronym RBP stands for the initials of Mr. Regino B. Pangilinan and the word COMPASS was a combination of two qualities that he holds towards his work and in managing his company: Committed and Passionate.

Mr. Pangilinan has wide and rich experience in providing security services to various kinds of industry and to this moment observes the tradition of loyalty, honesty, courage, integrity and honour. These traits of the founder effectively show the seeds of the leaders and men of RBP Compass Security And Investigation Agency.


The fundamental purpose of the company is to safeguard life and property primarily those of the clients. This includes the client’s installation facilities and projects from loss, theft, robbery, sabotage, terrorism and destruction. In pursuit of its mission, the company takes upon itself the maintenance of law and order enforcement of rules and regulations policies within the area of responsibility and other memoranda that maybe required by the client.

Guiding Principles

The framework of the services, RBP Compass Security And Investigation Agency officers is greatly influenced by the philosophy that the client must have excellent service in the same manner to attend to the welfare of our personnel. For in so doing we can maintain a pool of guards who are professional in their conduct of their chosen field and dynamic in their response to both favourable and adverse situations.

Business Information

RBP COMPASS SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION AGENCY is a duly registered single proprietorship, owned and managed by Mr. Regino B. Pangilinan who is a Registered Criminologist, Certified Security Professional and a Certified Security Trainer. He has wide and rich experience in providing security and to this moment observes the tradition of loyalty, honesty, courage, integrity and honour. These traits of the founder effectively show the seeds of the leaders and men of RBP Compass Security And Investigation Agency.

Human Resources

Our personnel are the most important resources of RBP Compass Security And Investigation Agency. These men are led with a management style that is aggressive but enlightened. The key personnel are professionals in their field and advised by veteran consultants.

The Agency strictly adhere to quality standards that prior to employment, our guards undergo a series of test, composed both physical and mental evaluation. The Agency likewise conducts regular In-service training to keep them abreast and attune to new and evolving methodology.

Since the line of service we provide is anchored on protection, our men are adept in armed combat and trained by professional practical shooters. In case of petty intruders, our men are likewise trained in martial arts and unarmed intervention techniques.

On character, our personnel must be cleared by Courts, Police and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Background Investigation is conducted in the barangays where applicants resided eliciting information from disinterested person in the locality.

Equipment and Capabilities

Firearms and other Equipment

Our guards are issued with PNP-SOSIA authorized equipment such as firearms purchased from licensed gun stores complete with license, flashlights, truncheons, teargas, nightsticks, handcuff and first aid kit which are all standard issue. Radio transceivers are issued in areas that are needed based on physical layout of property. Secured number of reserved firearms is maintained and sufficient readily available if the need arises.


Four-wheel vehicles are at hand for transportation personnel and two-wheel for liaison and supervisory purposes.


Uniformed Guard Force

A considerable part of our operation is providing security guards to firms, plants, subdivisions, malls, factory, schools, telecommunications and others. Security Personnel are licensed and trained. A strict employment screening is conducted to all our security personnel before they are employed.

Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

Parallel to other tasks that may be required of us; the agency can extend surveillance, stakeout and other rural and urban craft on client’s request. We maintained a pool of adept intelligence operatives for this kind of work. Undercover operations are handled by personnel previously from the armed forces who are all properly screened and evaluated.

Background Investigation

RBP Compass conducts confidential employment background investigation (BI) of persons to determine their qualifications, records of criminal and civil cases, current and past employment, businesses or trades, credit ratings and others that maybe required to prove suitability of an individual for a position of trust and responsibility.

VIP Security

We provide covert and overt VIP Security. Close-in and mobile securities are common fare. Our personnel assignment this task are trained at the Intelligence Services Armed Forces of the Philippines, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Metro Manila. They regularly undergo retraining programs in criminal profiling and route security assessment.

Security Survey and Inspection

To appropriately adopt a security system, best in the given situation and physical layout, the Agency conducts security survey on clients request and periodic security inspection if the security system recommended in the survey is implemented.

Security Alarms, Detectors and Monitor System

RBP Compass can cost effectively design and provide electronic security and safety system needs of a facility. We have a group of personnel who have studied application of electronic security and safety from designing to installation of various security gadgets such as CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control Systems, Intrusion active or passive Detectors and Gas, Smoke and Fire Alarms Systems.

Security Training

RBP Compass through its affiliate training schools can provide and design Security Training Courses for both public and private security personnel. The Security Training activity ranges from Basic Guard Training Course to Special Security Seminar Workshop and Security Awareness Programs. RBP Compass will determine the degree of training needs of the guards to be effective in recognizing loss potential profile in his daily security work.

Supervision and Control


Our guards are regularly inspected on a 24 hours basis to keep them a foot and ready to confront emergencies. RBP Compass will conduct scheduled and unscheduled rank and post-to-post inspections of the security guard force assigned at the plant.


A monthly consultative meeting is being regularly conducted by key personnel and from among the rank and file to ensure that the agency objective of rendering quality service is being observed. This also ensures that update security procedures and policies are promptly and effectively disseminated.

Performance Assessment

We provide our clients with our assessment forms for them to evaluate our guards. The assessment is designed for client’s convenience thereby relieving them the burden of writing tedious letter.

Periodic Security Assessment

RBP Compass staffs conduct visits to clients in order to continually assess the performance of the guards. Suggestions and recommendations given by clients are given preferential study and incorporate these into our program of instruction during in-service training and corps dialogues.We have experienced and competent personnel consultants whose responsibility is to educate guards to further develop their working attitude and infuse within them the importance of proper behaviour and values.

24 Hour Operations

RBP Compass will provide with twenty-four (24) hours service, RBP shall maintain a sort of strategic operations center, which operates round the clock including Sundays and Holidays to attend the client’s needs.

Emergency Response Capability

To assure our client of for immediate response to emergencies, RBP maintains:

  • a 24-hour operations
  • a pool of Reserve Guards on 24 hour basis
  • inspections with service vehicle on patrol
  • in contacts with nearest PNP, Fire Department and Military Units in the area.
  • immediate emergency response

Operational Aspect

The agency security operation is under the strict supervision of our renowned consultants and security supervisors to ensure and improve guard skills, performance and attitude towards duty. The main office controls and supervises its personnel thru communications and direct supervision of its Detachment Commanders and Head Guards.

In addition, the management regularly conducts inspection in order to ensure quality service. Dialogue with its clients is also maintained so that corrections or replacement of its guard on post be made without unnecessary delay.

Our personnel are Certified Security Professionals, Registered Criminologist, Active and Retired Police and Military Officers. The agency provides only high quality and licensed firearms and logistics to our guards in protecting assets, property and interest of our clients.